Community PROMISE

What is Community PROMISE?                                                 
Community PROMISE (an acronym for “Peers reaching Out and Modeling Intervention Strategies”) is a community-level HIV and STD prevention intervention program backed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). FAHASS’ Community PROMISE team works to educate our community about HIV/AIDS and how to reduce one’s the risk of contracting HIV.

To accomplish this, we rely on the help of Peer Advocates—which include anyone from the Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) or Transgender communities who have made a positive change in their sexual behavior which reduces their risk of contracting HIV. Ways of reducing risk include things such as increasing condom use and/or reducing the number of sexual partners. By sharing their personal stories, along with distributing Role Model Stories and other prevention tools, our Peer Advocates help to inspire other community members to make safe and positive behavior changes, and reduce the spread of HIV in our community.

Volunteer With Us    
Volunteering with Community PROMISE as a Peer Advocate is a great way to give back to your community. Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a Peer Advocate:

  1. Learn about how HIV impacts the community YOU live in
  2. Help prevent the people YOU know from contracting HIV
  3. Advocate and spread the word about the virus
  4. Act as a Role Model to others in the community and inspire them to make safer behavior changes
  5. Let others know what they can do to prevent the spread of HIV
  6. Let the HIV+  members of your community know how FAHASS, and agencies like FAHASS, can help them live a happier and healthier lives!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Community PROMISE Program as a Peer Advocate, or would like to share your Role Model Story, please contact us for more information.

Share Your Story
Below are a few of our current community Role Models.

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RMS - Lamar
RMS - Jason
Contact us if you need support, information on HIV/STD's, or free HIV testing. (540) 371-7532 x. 16.
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