Outreach and Education

The FAHASS Outreach Team seeks to reduce stigma surrounding HIV by bringing awareness to it, educating about its transmission and the necessity for testing. Our Outreach Team Members provide health education and health promotion programs with the goal of reducing the risk of individuals becoming infected with HIV or, if already infected, reduce the risk of transmitting the virus and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) to others. We work to provide the community with the most current information about HIV and risk reduction.

In addition, we provide healthy living strategies to those who are already HIV-positive. In collaboration with care coordination and case management services, Outreach can work with clients to ensure adherence to a complex treatment plan while ensuring those in care remain in care.

Our Current Community Programs

Community PROMISE provides outreach and education to Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) within the Fredericksburg and Winchester areas. Each location uses a team of trained peer advocates to distribute true stories written by role models within the community.

Check out the role model stories here

Correctional Facility Outreach provides health education and testing services to regional jails to enhance knowledge of HIV for inmates and to expand opportunities for those incarcerated to know their HIV status. Additionally, referrals are made for those who are already HIV positive so that they may obtain a smoothe transition once they are released.

Free HIV Testing is an important step in offering expanded access to those wishing to know their status and ultimately preventing the spread of HIV in our community.

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Connections to Care
Our outreach team also offers referral and counseling services for HIV positive individuals—whether newly diagnosed, new to the area, or those looking to connect into care or case management services.  As part of such, we work on an individual basis to provide the necessary information, healthy living strategies, counseling services, and awareness of FAHASS and other community resources available to HIV+ individuals.

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Community Speaking is facilitated by trained HIV educators and are specialized for community organizations and health awareness. Topics include HIV transmission, prevention, and awareness, as well as information about FAHASS and the services we offer.

Venues include civic and services clubs, Faith-based programs, local schools, and regional substance abuse programs, and correctional facilities. Contact us to arrange a speaking engagement at your agency today!

Local Events
We also participate in many local community events such as health fairs, volunteer fairs, community festivals, etc. At such events, we are available to pass out brochures, safe-sex kits, and other health education literature.  In addition, we provide HIV testing services on-site at several local events during the year.
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