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Now more than ever, your help is needed in the fight against AIDS. In the mid 1980's, HIV infections exploded and have continued to rise at alarming rates. Nearly twenty-five years later, technology has reached a point where you can make a difference by contributing the idle processing time of your home personal computer for HIV research using the BOINC program. Want to help fight AIDS at home? Does your computer run a couple of hours a day? Why don’t you donate the time your computer is turned on, but is idle, to projects that benefit humanity. Join World Community Grid to help in the FightAIDS@Home Project. PCs with a NVIDIA graphics card can join the GPUgrid Project.

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What is FightAIDS@Home

FightAIDS@Home is the first biomedical distributed computing project ever launched. It harness the power of an every day personal computer. The computing software uses your computer's idle cycles to assist fundamental research in discovering new drugs, building on our growing knowledge of the structural biology of AIDS. In addition, this research helps us study the mechanisms of multi-drug-resistance that the "super bugs" of HIV use to escape the current anti-AIDS drugs. And this research helps us create, test, refine, and share the tools and protocols that thousands of other labs use in their research against other diseases.

What is GPUgrid

GPUgrid is a novel distributed supercomputing infrastructure made of many PCs with NVIDIA graphics cards joined together to deliver high-performance all-atom bimolecular simulations. These simulations investigate the structural and dynamical properties of HIV viral proteins in order to help understand how at a molecular level, the virus becomes infectious.

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